Garching Isotopes

Roster For Garching Isotopes:

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Team Coach: Florian Obermeier
Player Photo Name Position Jersey # Bats / Throws Nationality
Gutsmiedl, Andreas Gutsmiedl, Andreas CF, P   0   R/R   GER GER
Klein, Anika Klein, Anika 2B, RF   93   R/R   GER GER
Klein, Nicole Klein, Nicole RF, 2B   28   R/R   GER GER
Kuhnert, Thomas Kuhnert, Thomas CF   23   R/R   GER GER
Lutsch, Arnold Lutsch, Arnold RF   80   R/R   GER GER
Obermeier, Florian Obermeier, Florian SS, 2B, 1B   69   R/L   GER GER
Oltmanns, Oliver Oltmanns, Oliver OF   11   R/R   GER GER
Sauer, Andrea Sauer, Andrea IF   24   R/R   GER GER
Sauer, Stefan Sauer, Stefan 1B   20   R/L   GER GER
Schönell, Melanie Schönell, Melanie SS, 2B   42   R/R   GER GER
Schönfeld, Gernot Schönfeld, Gernot 3B   84   R/R   GER GER
Schönfeld, Sebastian Schönfeld, Sebastian SS, 1B, P   90   R/R   GER GER
Seidenfuß, Annalena Seidenfuß, Annalena IF   66   R/R   GER GER
Seifert, Florian Seifert, Florian P, 1B   98   R/R   GER GER
Specht, Andrea Specht, Andrea OF   13   R/R   GER GER
Ticaloiu, Alexander Ticaloiu, Alexander LF   76   L/L   GER GER
Vleugels, Matthias Vleugels, Matthias 3B, SS, P   8   R/R   NED NED

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